Google app tore provides a range of millions of apps to choose from and there is something for everyone. Some apps are for free to download and some are paid apps, But if you’re looking for  apps which are free alternatives for paid apps then this post is for you! Here I have listed top 5 best alternatives available for paid apps which can be downloaded for free. These apps an be downloaded  from play store on your android device without any hassle and is safe.

Take a note on these points before downloading: –

  • Some alternative apps may not be available for downloading on Google play store because it might violate Google’s policy of “No competition clause” as all the APK files are handled by their own server by Android enthusiast community.
  • To download these apps you need to enable downloading from “unknown sources” on your android device.

Top 5 alternatives Available for paid apps:-

  1. Aptoide App Store

Aptoide is the largest independent Android app store and is similar as the Google play store. This app is great for downloading paid apps for free. It provides digital platform to search and download apps just as we do for downloading apps on play store. We need to search for apps on Google which are to be downloaded. There are over a million apps available currently that we can search for and download the Apk file of those Android apps .

Key Features of Aptoide app store:


  • You can get all paid Android apps for free.
  • It has simple user interface and interactive navigation.
  • Android apps which are not available for your country can also be downloaded.
  • Registration or sign up before downloading is not required as it is required in play store.
  • It has an inbuilt virus scanner.
  • Hacked versions of games, hack tools and Mod games available.
  • You can get access to upgraded versions of apps before the are released in your country.
  • Downloading can be paused or resumed,also data will not be erased when we reboot the device.
  • You can manage your own marketplace and app store & Android apps.
  1. BlackMart Alpha

its one of the great apps available for downloading android apps and also offers all paid apps for free. Its an alternative app to the play store for downloading apps for smart phones and tablets running on an android platform. It provides an advantage of trying all premium apps before buying them so that you’re not wasting your time and money on non useful Android apps.

Key feature of BlackMart Alpha:-

  • Its highly customized with separated genre of free and paid apps according to their ratings.
  • All versions of android are compatible.
  • User friendly and interactive.
  • Downloading of unlimited content is free of cost.

Note: there are no applications on trial basis and also there is no option for subscription.

  1. ACMarket

This app provides similar platform for downloading apps from play store but it also provides latest cracked free as well as paid apps for free. It has several thousands of free android apps and games and also provides unrestricted access of apps which are not thee on the official sites. Its user interface is little similar to play store and it has all the apps under its name including modified and patched apps .

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key features of ACMarket:-

  • It’s a light weight app and is easy to use.
  • Its size is 8MB.
  • Automatically updates apps.

Note: It’s only compatible with Android 4.0 and higher versions.

4.Amazon underground appstore

It’s an official app store from Amazon. It provides the best way to download free apps in a legal and private manner. You can download Amazon app store form Google play store. This app works in the partnership of developers that provide paid apps for free. Developers are paid for their app and the customers are able to get paid apps for free.

Key features of Amazon Underground Appstore:-

  • These free apps are not from any third level developers but from the worlds top ranked developers like Artifex,Bigfish,Mundi,Medicore etc.
  • Full versions of premium apps from big developers like microsot,Kingsoft etc. are also offered.
  • Apps/games are updated on regular basis.

5.1Mobile Market

This provide easiest way to discover and download the best android games and apps. Its an alternative app marketplace for android and is available on Google play store.  When you try to install an app it redirects to play store but there is another version of this app which provides paid apps for free.

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Key features of 1Mobile Market:-

  • This app has a fresh and elegant design.
  • The user interface is easy and you will definitely love this app.
  • It offers millions of apps currently and it uses google search for finding Apk files of apps.
  • Provides safe download environment and eradicates viruses automatically.

Conclusion: This post has been made as easy as possible, hope this post was useful. Let me know if you have some suggestions for similar apps and also comment down below for any assistance and support.

Tip for Aptoide:  for some apps you might get a message that this app isin’t available for installation “search on web”, then search that app on a reliable web browser and download the suitable app. Still if any query persists comment for any help. Feel free to comment down in the comment section and Also If you found this blog useful then show us some love by sharing this with your family and friends!


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