I saw people running to catch the speed of the world that every day seeks for a new objective and during the process of seeking they try out every means to accelerate on the way. Someone has rightly said that the road to success is not like your dreams where you are thinking to be superior to the race, rather it encounters a number of hurdles and obstacles which can back you down in every single step. But the histories are made by those who give a tough challenge to this incoming thorns and achieve the goal for what they have an aim for. Here in this article, I will be telling you about one such successful company whose name is itself enough to speak of its importance.awesomely


Every story has its own twists and turns and when it comes to describing the success stories these heart-pounding twists a new turn and it explains the compelling weapons to encounter with it. Very few have the power to think beyond the imagination in the race of simple thinkings. But who thinks differently, act differently create revolutions throughout the world and so the topic is all about. Nitin Mishra, who after doing M.Tech from an esteemed organization had the freedom to enjoy the rest of his life with peace, but some other things were fighting in his mind. When he saw people running here and there for the work leaving the daily happenings across the globe, Nitin thought of developing an app that would sort their every single problem. Along back power shut down in Gurgaon paves way for the development of this app. Nitin discussed the problem with Deepak and both of them dive into the competitive world to implement their project. It was not that a soft path was waiting for them to walk upon, rather a path full of thorns was under the view through the naked eyes. They roam from company to company to give a boost to their ideas, but due to the lack of the dedicated team members, they failed a lot. The path becomes soft when they meet Ankit on the way, thus giving a boost to the work.


What other short news app doesn’t give you, Awesummly presents you with all that necessary and the important stuff. The app allows you to scroll down through the news from the different zones starting from the heart-pounding world of the sports to the icons taking you high into the world of amazing facts. No, doubt this app is a must download one and trust me you have no other alternatives for it. There are times which you like to spend on your smartphone scrolling over the different social media accounts and so you can easily record the daily happenings and then listen to it when you are wishing to. Even if you have not this app on your device, you can read the short news on its website which is one of its best features. You can download this short news app from google play store.



The app has recently received a funding of $146k from Vivek Bhargava and Ameera Shah promoting manager of the metropolis. The chief executive of the Omaxe group, Mohit Goel has also raised the funding for this unique app. The app is based on a subscription model where it provides API to the news agencies and extracts the maximum profit from it.

The app has been rated 4.7 on the Google Play Store which is itself enough to speak of its praise. The rating is itself capable enough to enlighten the way for the other startups struggling for success.awesummly-app


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