A username can be defined as an identity used by a person to access a computer, a website or any online account. The increasing numbers of websites and their users has led to a great demand of catchy, cool and funny usernames these days. Everyone wants a unique username that is cool and reflects their personality as well. Username stardom has gained great importance in almost every peer group.

A username can also affect people’s perception for you. For an example, if you go for a job interview and the email username that you have mentioned in your CV is something like, “cutie@xyz.com”, it seems unprofessional and leaves a bad impression on the interviewer. In such cases, it’s important to make sure that your username looks professional and adds to your personality.

Apart from this, if you are looking for a username for your blog or a website, the most important characteristic it should possess is attention seeking. It has to be catchy and make a long-lasting impression. Your username should reflect all aspects of what it represents. The person who reads your username should feel tempted to visit the blog at least once.

People often find it difficult to find a username for their profile. There are certain requirements that they want in their usernames. Sometimes, a username that they want is already taken. In such cases, they find it difficult to get a good and unique username.

Here are our 5 kickass tips to generate catchy profile username, to make your life easier:


  1. Keep it simple and unique

Do not try to play a lot with words. Keep your username simple, but unique. Simple usernames are easy to remember and understand. People are less attracted to words or things that they find complicated. So, your search should start with a simple one, but making it unique in your own way. Your profile is judged by your username and so, choosing it wisely is a good deal.

People sometimes tend to use complicated words like “mysteriouslymysterious@xyz.com” as usernames. Such words are not just difficult to read, but also make your profile unattractive.

2.Make sure its neither too long nor too short

Generally, there is no defined length for a username, it’s up to you to decide how long or short it should be. However, length of your username matters a lot to a person visiting your profile. If the username is too long, it becomes difficult to read and understand. Often, people do not even read out the complete username if it is too long. While a username that is too short also does not affect the people in any way. It’s important that the username should leave a positive impact on the readers, and for this purpose to be fulfilled, its length must be optimum. Using some sequence of numbers along with your name or just using the initials of your name can be a good way of creating a username, like if your name is James Kelly, “James123@xyz.com” or “Jkelly@xyz.com” can be a good option.

3.It should reflect your personality and maybe interests

A good username helps people know you better. It should reflect your personal traits and interests. Your username can have some musical effect if you are good at singing, or maybe it can have colors if you like painting. Creative usernames are a must, especially if you are an artist and want to promote your art work. A creative and unique username will definitely attract people to your profile. Also, username when to be used for some professional work should be professional and reflect your seriousness towards your job.

4.Never try copy or imitate someone else’s username

Copying usernames is the worst thing you can do to your profile. A copied username will not only take away the uniqueness of your profile, but also makes it unattractive. All credits of your username should be yours. It reflects your creativity. A copied username shows lack of creativity and thinking capability.

5.Be witty and use your favorite words:

Using words that you feel connected with is also a good way of creating some kickass usernames for your profile. Take some random words, use your wit and *wink wink*, get started with a unique, never before kind of username. The one username that I saw the other day, “bond007”, I found it quite interesting and attractive. You too can simply use your creativity and find a catchy username in your favorite character, favorite show or favorite song.

Apart from these, there are username generating softwares available that can also help you generate some cool usernames based on your requirements. Also, you can even use characters and number sequences to make your username unique. Some people also use characters in place of some alphabets to make it more interesting, like ‘$’ in place of ‘S’ or ‘@’ in place of ‘a’, etc.

These are the few ways you can easily find a kickass username for your profile.


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