WhatsApp Bot(Assistant) For Any Android Phone.

Whatsapp is a massive hit among all the social media messaging networks. This is because WhatsApp is very active in updating itself. “WhatsApp’s amazing features” makes it unique and different from all other applications. Also, WhatsApp has many hidden features and new hidden looks. You may like the new look of WhatsApp. You might have used SIRI, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Hound but have you ever used WhatsApp assistant? If not, then read this guide to get WhatsApp assistant on your Android Phone.

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What is WhatsApp assistant:

Basically, WhatsApp assistant is a Chat Bot, an intelligent AI based, Assistant. It is still under development stage but you will receive future updates on daily basis. There are many advantages and features of using WhatsApp Bot(Assistant) which I will be discussing below. WhatsApp bot(Assistant) checks for the keyword which we send and reply back in the form of messages on WhatsApp.

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Advantages of WhatsApp Bot(Assistant)

  • No root access is required.
  • Get the answer for anything in a fraction of a second. Features of WhatsApp Bot(Assistant)

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Features of WhatsApp Bot(Assistant)

  • Displays the definition
  • Get the latest news from all over the world.
  • It displays thought of the day when asked.
  • Search for Music and download it using WhatsApp Bot.
  • Get to know the currency rates of any region.
  • Search for Wikipedia.How to use WhatsApp Bot(Assistant)

How to use WhatsApp Bot(Assistant)

  • You can search for a particular topic on Wikipedia by using wiki <keyword>
    Example: Wiki Androidwhatsapp assisstant5 image showing alt text
  • Definitions can be displayed on the screen using the keyword Search <keyword>
    Example: Search Eruditewhatsapp assisstant4 image showing alt text
  • You can do calculations by using the keyword Calc <keyword>
    Example: Calc 25/5
  • You can find the time of any region by using the keyword Timeat<keyword>
    Example: Timeat Singaporewhatsapp assisstant3 image showing alt text
  • If you wish to find the weather of any region then type Weather <City Name>
    Example: Weather Londonwhatsapp assisstant2 image showing alt text
  • You can use the dictionary by using the keyword dict <keyword>
    Example: dict Erudite
  • WhatsApp Bot also displays the trains status(train 12568),  Stock price(finance BMW), PNR status(per 856429785), currency(finance INR to USD).
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How To Get WhatsApp Bot(Assistant) On Any Android.

Getting WhatsApp Bot(Assistant) is very easy, just save these three numbers on your phone

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  1. WA Assisstant1: +918015984514
  2. WA Assisstant2: +917397739604
  3. WA Assisstant3: +919042068491

Final Verdict:

WhatsApp Bot is really an amazing assistant. You can interact with WhatsApp Bot as long you wish. It is similar to Natasha Assistant of the hike messenger. It is in its development stage so sometimes you may som delay while receiving the answers. In most cases, WhatsApp assistant is quick and active.

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