With the new year, a new Anime season has begun in Japan. Now thanks to online anime platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation and Amazon Prime, anime seasons are more accessible than ever. You can find more such free and paid anime streaming sites from here. With these free and paid streaming sites, now most of the anime series can be streamed in merely one day after its original release in Japan.

This year, in particular, is going to be very interesting for anime fans as more than 50 anime series is scheduled to be released this winter. It is a lot to choose from and to make it easier for you we’ve compiled this list of 5 latest anime series to look for this year.


  1. Devilman CryBaby

Devilnam CryBaby is a new adaption of 1972 hit comic Devilman. This New Devilman series follows Ryo and Akira as they battle to prevent monsters or demons from destroying all of the humanity. In order to do so, Akira decides to possess himself by one of the devils. This allows Akira to harness some incredible powers that will help him defeat the Devils. But this power also comes with a price which Akira has to battle in everyday life.

Devilman CryBaby is among the top anime series that I would suggest you watch. This 10 episode series is now available on Netflix with English language subtitle to stream.

  1. Junji Ito: Collection

Junji Ito is a known manga and comic author who is known for his bizarre horror stories. Some of his most popular comic series are Uzumaki, Enigma of Amigara Fault, Gyo, and The Face Burglar are known worldwide. Junji Ito: Collection is inspired from Junji Ito’s manga series Fragments of Horror and the Junji Ito Masterpiece Collection. In this anime series, you’ll see different episodes of above-mentioned manga series. Ito is an excellent writer and artist when it comes to the horror genre and if you are a fan of Horror shows this anime series is for you.

Junji Ito: Collection is now streaming on Crunchyroll anime site.

    1. Violet Evergarden

Kyoto Animation, the studio behind the A Silent Voice anime series is back again with yet another excellent anime series. This anime series about Violet, an auto memories robot. After a four year long where these robots were used as soldiers, Violets tries to lead a normal life as a postal service worker. While working a postal service worker, Violet also hopes to find meaning of the words which were told by an officer on the battlefield.

Violet Evergarden is already streaming on Netflix in Japan, but there is no word of his availability in other countries.

  1. Darling In The Franxx

In the future, our existence depends on giant robots called Franxx which help save humanity by defeating monsters. Those giant robots are managed by humans in pairs. Here our main character Hiro is a Franxx operator, but he lacks a partner to manage the giant robots until he meets a charming, beautiful girl with horns.

This is series will give you a vibe of Pacific Rim. Lots of talented artists, writers and directors are behind this creation, and you must not miss the opportunity. Darling In The Franxx is started streaming on Crunchyroll from 13th of this month.

  1. The Beginning

The plot of this show is still a mystery, but what I can make of from its trailer is that this is a crime drama based anime. An intelligent detective is looking for a mysterious serial killer called Killer B. In another plot; there were humans from an alternate universe who were supposed to bring world peace but were kidnapped by few evil minds for their own benefit.

This series is scheduled to be released on Netflix starting 2nd March.

These are the five anime series that I am excited to watch starting this year. Do you agree with me? I am always open for discussion.


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