The world of headlights is massive, there’s an ocean of knowledge you need to learn it’s not just limited to fitting bulbs, but also there are many bulbs like halogen, LED, LID, so selecting a bulb for your head lights can often be a confusing task. It’s better to do some research before you Decide which bulbs you’re going to use. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the following light bulbs:


Halogen is the most popular type of light bulb used in cars, and they’re quickly replaceable and cheap to manufacture, there is a filament inside the bulb which consists of tungsten and halogen gas. Once the electricity travels up to the filament the bulb lights, the tungsten is heated up, and you witness a glow, this heat causes no damage to the car, the temperature does not exceed 5000K. However, the only issue with the Lights are they are not as bright as HID, and if you went full bright, you’d probably be breaking the law. Halogen lights are famous across the world and considered to be the safest option when it comes to car light bulbs; they are also available at a reasonable price as compared to other bulbs.


High-intensity discharge light or HID are becoming increasingly popular on the roads, in particular with larger vehicles such as jeeps, they are bright in fact more so than a halogen bulb and produce white light, they even last longer than a halogen bulb, which means fewer replacement costs, also though the bulb itself costs slightly more, there are some disadvantages associated with the HID which include taking a few seconds before reaching their full capacity, and also they need to be switched on and off a couple of times too.


Although LEDs are slowly taking over homes and offices, they are relatively new in the vehicle area, They’re still taking up some time in finding a place, they’re the primary purpose is consuming fewer energy thats why they’re more popular in homes, they’re considered to be much more efficient than a HID and are gaining considerable popularity as they last longer the bulbs do not have a filament, so they do not have a part that breaks or tears down by vibration, they are also quicker to start up, however, they do need to be cooled down from the headlight unit.

It can be concluded from the above stated that each driver has their preference when it comes to choosing a light bulb but one bulb which is rapidly gaining popularity, in particular, is the LED and it is likely the way LEDs have taken over homes and offices it may similarly become the market leader when it comes to headlights too, right now halogen lights lead in popularity and are also considered to be the safest on the road.


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