Earlier we have talked a lot about the apps beneficial for the parents to keep track their child. But we received several questions from the readers like how exactly it works and so we decided to write a dedicated post for the parental control system.Parental-Control-Shield

Believe me, the internet is a very scary place and it can keep in danger to anyone then think of a child. A child doesn’t have any knowledge of what is good or bad and so you need to give proper focus to care their future and activities.

Installing parental control shield on your system can protect your child from going into the wrong space and help to shape their future in a better way. Such parental control system usually contains the spy apps for different systems. For example, if your child is using the android phone then you can use some spy app for android and keep track on their activity.

There are many free and paid apps available on the internet which you can use for such use. Then depending on your devices like whether it is an android phone or iOS, you can download those from play store or iTunes. One such company is program Hoverwatch which provides various security and spy apps for the parent to keep track and control on their child.

Your child security is priceless…isn’t it?


Most of the tools and apps including the one I mentioned above offer fermium version for apps. That being said, the free version is available but if you need all the features, you may need to purchase which is usually an in-app purchase.

Or those apps which don’t offer free plan offer free trial and you can check those and if satisfied, you can but it for certain period and start monitoring. In most of these apps, being a parent you’ll be able to control what they can see and browse. For this, either you need to install or browse your account through a separate app or through the web browser. There you can control what your child can see and what not.

Web and Social Media Filtering

The primary way of a parental control system is to filter the internet websites and apps which you want your kid to access. The main challenge is from the internet only and so these apps provide maximum customization for you to manage those sites.

Also, these apps offer some predefined settings for the website to access. For example, all the adult site or gambling websites which can hurt the kids maximum.

You can either edit these settings and groups or add your own. Then authorize the app installed on your kid’s phone and control their action while browsing the internet.

Exclusive Android Features

These are not associated with the parental control system but your android system. You can browse the android and iOS feature and allow your kid to use only some good apps. For this, you just need to block the mobile apps through your kid’s phone so that they won’t be able to access blocked apps. This way, you can keep your kid safe and secure while getting through the online world.


Internet and technology are changing very fast and with the solution, it is also creating lots of insecurity and issues. You have no other way to protect your subordinate as you can’t afford to not use the internet and technology. So, start using the spy apps to keep your kids and employees safe and secure.


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