One Plus 5 Price, Specs, Launch Date is Finally Revealed.

We all have been waiting for the much-awaited smartphone of 2017, One Plus 5. In our previous article, we have confirmed that there will no One Plus 4 because Chinese people believe that number 4 is unlucky for them and the height of superstition is that they numbered One Plus headquarter’s 4th floor as 3A. All the superstitious beliefs apart, let us discuss One Plus 5. Many people were eagerly waiting for the release date of One Plus 5specs of One Plus 5, Price of One Plus 5 and what not. We have already showcased the leaked images of one plus 5 and rumored specs of One Plus 5 if you haven’t seen them then click here.

“One Plus 5” is found listing on Oppo Mart website. You can observe the image below, in which all the specs of One Plus 5 is mentioned. The price of One Plus 5 according to Oppo Mart is $449 which is approximately Rs.29,000.

one plus 5 image showing alt text

One Plus 5 may come with Oxygen OS based on Android Nougat 7.1. Previously One Plus 3/3T came with dash charge 1.0 support while One Plus 5 will have dash charge 2.0 support. One Plus 5 shown in the image is 6GB RAM variant, another variant of 8GB RAM may also be announced with a price, a bit higher. Display of One Plus 5 will be 5.5-inch quad HD and is expected to have a pixel density of 2560×1440.

What’s New In One Plus 5:

One Plus 5 will have dual WiFi connectivity which means the signal strength of WiFi in One Plus 5 will be very much strong with increased range.

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In One Pus 3/3T, the battery capacity was 3000mAH but in One Plus 5, the battery capacity will be 3600mAH which is simply superb. One Plus 5 battery will last for the complete day with high usage.

Dash charge 2.0 is supported in One Plus 5 which is again an advanced version of dash charge 1.0.

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Release Date Of One Plus 5:

Most of the One Plus fans wish to know the expected price and the release date of One Plus 5 and according to the image spotted on Oppo Mart, One Plus 5 will be priced at 449USD which is approximated as Rs.29,000.

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“One Plus 5 will be launched at the beginning or at the end of June 2017”.

Final Verdict:

One Plus 5 will give a tough competition to MI 6 and Samsung Galaxy S8/Plus. I have been waiting for the release date, price, and specs of One Plus 5 from a very long time. Finally, all the info regarding One Plus 5 is now available. For sure, I will buy One Plus 5 because we get superb specs at the low price. Are you going to buy One Plus 5? Let me know in the comments below.


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