Download Indian Rupee Font(Rupee Symbol): Every country has a symbol for its currency(Like $, €, £). Similarly, the Indian currency has a font and symbol for its currency called Rupee. The symbol Rs and Re are outdated. In this article, I present you a guide on how to download Indian rupee symbol font or rupee foradian font for free.

There are many ways to represent a rupee symbol. But the best way is to use a unified code for the rupee symbol. You may be wondering “What am I talking about?” or “What is this rupee Unicode?” Don’t worry and follow this article.
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What is Rupee Font or Rupee Symbol?

Before 2012, rupee symbol was denoted by Rs or Re. These symbols were inappropriate because they are used by many other countries. In 2012, Currency minister of Indian Government has made , an official symbol for rupee.

Rupee Symbol ₹ was designed by a student IIT, Uday Kumar.
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How to download Rupee Font

rupee-symbol-fontBasically, there are two different methods to download and use rupee font for the rupee symbol. The first method involves Foradian Rupee Font. And the second method involves ITF Rupee Font.
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First Method of Foradian Rupee Font Download

This is the first ever made rupee font. As soon the rupee symbol was announced, the foradian font was first to develop a rupee font.

Click on the (`) symbol to display rupees symbol in the foradian font.rupee-font


Download Foradian Rupee Font

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Second Method of ITF Rupee Font Download

The second font for rupee was developed by ITF. ITF is an acronym for Indian Type Foundry.

ITF font has 20 different symbols for rupee. These 20 different rupee symbols are almost identical with slight variations in it.

These 20 symbols of rupee can be accessed with characters from A to T. For example, if you wish to access the first symbol of rupee, just type A. For the next symbol, type B. And repeat this process till T to access the different symbols of Rupee.


ITF Rupee Font

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How to install and use Rupee Font

Again we have two different methods to install the rupee font. You can go with any one of the following methods to install rupee font.

#1.Automatic Installation of Rupee Font

  • This is a one-step method to install the rupee font.
  • Download the zip file of rupee font from the downloads area. Extract the zip file and open it.
  • Click on set.exe file of rupee font and begin with the installation of rupee font.
  • This will install the rupee font.
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#2.Manual Installation of Rupee Font

  • The first step is download and extract the rupee font file.
  • On your PC, open Control Panel. To do so, press windows icon on the keyboard and open the Control Panel.
  • Open the FONTS section on cPanel.
  • Copy the downloaded file in this fonts section.
  • In this way, you can permanently install the rupee font on your computer.
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Final Verdict on Rupee Font:

This was the simple guide on how to download and install the rupee font and the rupee symbol on your Computer. I have provided the best fonts which include foradian font and the ITF Font for the rupee symbol. If you have any doubts regarding this Indian Rupee Font then let me know in the comments. I will help you to get the latest Indian rupees font for you for free.



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